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Lightweight:  Chassis pictured has 102" wheel base (standard) and is a lightweight 435lbs (Any wheelbase is available with special custom orders)  This was achieved through engineering not by using un-safe thin wall tubing, in fact, the main chassis and roll cage are built from rugged, durable .120 wall thickness tubing to meet or exceed sanctioning body requirements.
Strength:  By using finite element analysis our designers have created a triangulated space frame that when compared to a heavier ladder frame is ten times stronger in torsional rigidity.
This strength is accomplished with a center rib chassis design with space frame triangulation and alloy cladding
Low Weight:  The weight of the chassis is not only less than most race cars it is also closer to the track.  Our designers built the strength in the chassis rather than try and prop up a weak chassis with a lot of heavy tubing high up on the roll cage
Adjustability:  To go fast a team must be able to adjust a car to make their driver comfortable with the car and confident it is not going to do anything unexpected.  The adjustments available with the Racefab enable you to tune to exact track requirements with minimal effort.  A car that is easy to work on is an advantage with the tight time requirements that is an ever present part of motorsports.
* Weight Jacks over coilover unit for easy corner weight adjustment
* Anti-Dive in front suspension
* Mechanical "in-situ" caster and camber adjustment
* Adjustable roll center height
* Roll center to center of gravity remains constant throughout travel due to chassis mounted watts link
* Driver adjustable anti-squat
* Anti-roll bar front and rear feature unique 90 degree rod end mounting that provides an increased dynamic rate advantage.  Typically a softer static rate can be utilized with increased roll resistance when it is needed.
* Zero scrub radius with low king pin angle
* Compact upright uses spherical outer pivots with machined ball posts and bolt in male hub assembly.  5 on 5 bolt pattern standard
* Long control arms and radius rods locate suspension while providing less angular change for a given amount of chassis movement.  This equals more consistant handling and response that the driver can feel.
* Coilover mounted without excessive angle which can degrade handling due to loss of hydraulic movement.
* No compromise steering rack location. This is important during bump and roll suspension conditions.  The optimal location is possible due to the compact tubular design of the Woodward Racing Steering Rack with bulkhead mounting system.
* Large engine bay can accommodate even big block engines and makes tuning and engine maintenance easier.
* Adjustable pedals and steering allow you to place controls where the driver wants them while maintaining the driver in the optimal location for handling and safety.
* Proper triangulation throughout creates a rigid platform for the suspension to work from.  Less flex equals less metal fatigue and a long lasting durable chassis
* Weight distribution is calculated to reduce the polar moment of inertia
* Fuel cell container designed into chassis, creating increased safety and chassis rigidity. 32 US gallon capacity standard
* Roll cage uses only the best d.o.m. tubing with not less than 3 times the diameter bend radius on all bends, complying with I.M.S.A. and S.C.C.A. general competition regulations.
* Racefab's first GT-1 cars as standard equipment featured driver and
passenger side door bars although not required at that time, Racefab maintained that driver safety was important to us.  We continue that tradition today with the now mandatory in Trans-Am competition passenger side door bars.
* Interior paneling is designed removable where necessary with the rest being bonded and riveted to achieve increased strength.
* Provisions for front and rear bolt in sub-frames usually absorb the damage in front and rear impacts without transfering the damage to your chassis
* Racefab's Design Team comprised of championship winning road racers and members of the Society of Automotive Engineers.

The knowledge and experience put into the Racefab chassis was earned in the academic environment of the physics and engineering classrooms as well as on the road race tracks of the world.  In this competitive environment where success or failure can hinge on the smallest detail, we have been very successful winning I.M.S.A. and S.C.C.A. championships with our chassis designs.

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