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"It's the most fabulous vehicle I've ever driven"
see video on: www.flixxy.com/lunar-rover-test-drive-top-gear.htm
We were awarded by NASA the contract to do the Finite Element Analysis, Aid in Design, and Fabricate Two Lunar Rovers for their 2015 journey back to the moon, the Orion Moon Mission.  The order was placed for two chassis, one light weight and one heavy weight.
NASA contacted Racefab, Inc. based on our expertise in designing and fabricating Exploration Vehicles. The Lunar Rover is basically the ultimate off-road Exploration Vehicle.  We had designed and built vehicles to go to the ends of the earth, now our vehicles were going even beyond.
At President Obama's inauguration, January of 2009, Racefab, Inc's NASA Lunar Rovers made their public debut, put through their paces by NASA's elite Astronauts.  Below are pictures of the Lunar Rover Chassis at their very beginning.  Our Racefab's crew, beginning with raw materials, created the ultimate Exploration Vehicles.  Well, the first thing to do when working on Lunar Rovers is to place Elton John's Rocket Man on the Juke Box!!
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Pictured: Just a few of the sub-components we created that when joined together become a Lunar Rover Lunar Rovers were fabricated on the same surface plates as hundreds of exotic racing machines
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PICTURED ABOVE: Some of the sub-components we fabricated for the Lunar Rovers

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Next we had to build fixtures for the fabrication, hundreds of tubes had to be ground, fitted and welded, a rotisserie had to be fabricated so once the frames were built on surface plates, they had to be removed and turned so no welds were missed.

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Pictured above is chassis being fabricated in fixtures and on surface plates
Pictured below shows the numerous tubes incorporated into the chassis structure

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Pictured Above: Five bar aluminum plate being fabricated and installed on chassis. Chassis back from powder coating and panels being installed
Pictured Below: Chassis back from powder coating and panels being installed

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Pictured Above: The two Lunar Rovers are completed and ready for delivery to NASA
Pictured Above and Below: Joel, Jason and Jefferson very proud of their finished chassis.

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Lunar Rovers delivered to NASA, both parties are very pleased and excited about the Lunar Rovers new Moon Mission
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NASA putting the Lunar Rovers through their test in the deserts of Arizona
wpe1A9.jpg (71354 bytes) Astronauts learning to drive the Lunar Rovers

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