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For this Project we removed all items from vehicle interior.  We designed, fabricated and installed a safe roll cage with low side bars for ease of driver/passenger access.  The pictures show the tight fit up of the roll cage tubes, they follow the vehicles formation.   Our floor plates are reinforced from within for added safety and strength.   The tubes are triangulated and gussets are added for cage added strength. The roll cage is fabricated from 1020 dom tubing.

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A rear firewall is designed, fabricated and installed with a lexan window. The rear of the vehicle a frame structure is fabricated for a platform for the dzus removable rear panel structure. We then fabricated mounts for the fire bottle, nos and battery. Mounts are fabricated for two coolers mounted on either side of firewall.Shrouds are fabricated for the coolers. Shrouds are fabricated for fans to get optimal cooling. Cooling vents are fabricated on top of shrouds/coolers. The two side windows are removed and replaced with lexan windows with naca ducts installed. Ducting is ran from naca to cooling vents.  The coolers and nos bottle are plumbed with braided lines and oil in-line filters,weld fittings to differential cover and add adapters to transmission, route hoses on underside of car to trans and diff, install heat shielding on trans lines that are near exhaust, fill trans and diff and perform a leak check. The fire bottle is relocated to rear of vehicle and the fire bottle cable is now longer and pull switch is accessible from dash. A hand held fire bottle is installed under the dash. Fabricated a battery mount and battery is wired.   click on pics to enlarge

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A quick release adapter is installed on steering,fabricated new dash with gauges, toggles, circuit breakers, switches installed and wired with cover bonnets fabricate to conceal back of gauges. New aluminum door panels are fabricated with locations for factory switches and handles, allowing for added for driver clearance, modified doors and door wiring to maintain electric door locks, electric window switches and handles.

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We then removed the rear wheels, rotors, etc., fabricated and installed eye of the rotor brake ducting, installed the brake ducting tubes.  We then removed the front wheels, rotors, brakes, etc, fabricated and installed eye of the rotor brake ducting, fabricated adapters and installed front duct hose.  We reassembled the vehicle.  A lot of weight was taken off this vehicle with the removal of interior items.

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